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Y=ax+b is the equation of the line that passes through (5,1) and isparallel to the line y=x+3, find a and b. THANKS!!!!!!


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A=1 b/c it has the same slope as the line it is parallelwith so now just plug in a, y, and x 1=1(5)+b b= -4

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The line parallel to the line y=x+3 must have the sameslope. given y=mx+b u have y= x+3 so slope is 1 now write equation in point slope form:(y-y1)=m(x-x1) given(x1,y1)= (5,1) y-1= 1(x-5) y-1=x-5 +1 +1 {add 5 to bothsides} y= x-5+1 y= x-4 <===this is the equation you want a is the slope so a =1; b is the y-intercept sob=-4 The only stupid questions are the onesthat you dont ask

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