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Use logarithm rules to simplify each expression. Can someoneexplain how to do this? ln[x2(3 -x)2/3/√x2 + x + 1]


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This is different from your other question. This time weexpand the log The properties we use are the same they are just usedoppositely here. split up the divided term into two separate subtractedterms ln [x2(3-x)2/3] - ln√(x2 +x+1) and also the multiplied term into two separate addedterms ln x2 + ln (3-x)2/3 - ln√(x2 + x + 1) Take out the powers and place them as coefficients 2 ln x + 2/3 ln(3-x) - 1/2 ln (x2 + x + 1) Remember that square root is thesame thing as one-half power. That's all you can do; hope thathelps :)

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