The Population , P(t), Of China In Billions, Can B


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The population , P(t), of China in billions, can be approximated by P(t)=1.267(1.007)t where t is the number of years since the start of 2000. According to this model how fast was the population growing at the start of 2007. Give answer in millions of people per year. This is in dection 2.2 #28 in Hughes-Hallet Single Variable Calculus 5th edition. Please provide detailed work. Thanks


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If the equation is P(t) = 1.267(1.007^t). use the expresion e^ln to modelate the equation similar to the already know of P(t) = Po(e^rt) so... P(t) = 1.267(1.007^t) = 1.267 (e^(ln(1.007^t))) by ln properties P(t) = 1.267 (e^(t*ln(1.007))) where becomes obvious that the rate is ln(1.007)

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First grab a number for t in 2007 2007-2000 = 7 so t = 7 Take the Derivative of this Equation: This is probably wrong. This equation isn't in the usual format of Population growth, so double check that with the equation in question. After you have the derivative, then punch in the t and you will get the slope for 2007 which is how fast the population is growing. Growth is usually in a P(t)=Po*e^(rt)

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