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The percent of mothers who work outside the home and have children younger than age 6 yr is approximated by the function P9t)=31.74 (t+4)0.176, (t is greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 22), where t is measured in years , with t=0 corresponding to the beginning of 1980. At what rate was the percent of these mothers changing at the beginning of 2001? a. 0.22%/yr b. 0.39%/yr c. 0.47%/yr d. 0.03%/yr


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Like the other problem before, I will assume you know the derivative formulas. P'(t) = 31.74(0.176)(t+4)^(-0.824) = 5.58624(t+4)^(-0.824) P'(21) = 5.58624(21+4)^(-0.824) = 0.39%/yr which is b. PLEASE RATE LIFESAVER if this helps you. THANKS.

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