Sketch The Graph Of F (θ) = - Sin(0.25Piθ) +...


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Sketch the graph of f (θ) = - sin(0.25Piθ) + 3,indicating the maximum and minimum values and the critical valuesfor the domain 0 ≤ θ ≤ p. This is an urgency for me, please, help me.


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Start with the regular sin (x) graph. Flip it (or reflect it aboutthe x-axis) because of the negative sign. Stretch it so that the1st cycle is now between x=0 and x=8pi instead of 0 and 2pi(because of the 0.25pi). Then move (shift) the graph up by 3units in the y direction, so that a min. value that used to be aty=-1 is now at y=2, a max value that used to be a 1 is now at 4,the 0's are now 3's. I'd show you the graph but I couldn'tupload it.

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