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Graphical,numerical and analytic analysis. use a graphingutility to graph the function and estimate the limit. Use a tableto reinforce your conclusion. Then find the limit by analyticmethods. how would i do this. lim [1/(2+x)]-(1/2)/x x approaches 0


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Graphically: First type the equation into your calculator andget the graph. Numerically: Then look at the table function. It shouldlook like this: x:-.25 -.1 -.01 -.001 .001 y: .26667 .25641 .25063 .25006 .24994 As x approaches zero from both sides, the limit is approaching.25 Analytically: lim [1/(2+x)]-[(1/2)]/x= multiply the top andthe bottom by 2(2+x) xapp.0 = then simplifly

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