F(x)=x+4/xf'(x)= 1-4x-2f"(x)=8x-3To Find Inflectio


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F(x)=x+4/x f'(x)= 1-4x-2 f"(x)=8x-3 To find inflection point, when i set f"(x)=0 it is inconclusive. Does this mean there is no inflection point?


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We can see that if there is an inflection point it has to be at x = 0. But how do we know for sure if x = 0 is an inflection point? We have to make sure that the concavity actually changes. To do this pick a number on either side of x = 0 and check what the concavity is at those locations, so in this case yes there is no point

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Yes it means there is no inflexion point the curve does not change its concavity

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