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Calculate all the second order partial derivatives of 1. s(x,y)=ln(x+y) 2.f(x,y)=xsin(x+y)/x2+y 3.g(x,y)=x2y+cos(y)+xey


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1. s(x,y)=ln(x+y) Sx = 1/(x+y) (Hold y constant) Sy = 1/(x+y) (Hold x constant) Sxx = -1/(x+y)2 Syy = -1/(x+y)2 Sxy = Syx = -1/(x+y)2 2. f(x,y)=xsin(x+y)/x2+y Fx = {[sin(x+y)+xcos(x+y)]*[x2+y] -[xsin(x+y)][2x]}/(x2+y)2 Fy = {[xcos(x+y)][x2+y] -[xsin(x+y)][1]}/(x2+y)2 Fxx,Fyy,Fxy,Fyx are kinda long, simplify Fx and Fyfirst.

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