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A book designer decided that the pages of a book should have 1-in. margins at the top and bottom and 1/2 in. margins on the sides. She further stipulated that each page should have an area of 54 in^2. Find a function in the variable x, giving the area of the printed region


Answer No.1

Léo Nard

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First form an eqn.. and then differentiate for calc maximum area.. let the dimensions of the page be x and y.. x*y = 49 ... eqn 1 Printed Area, A = (x-2)*(y-1) ... eqn 2 from eqn 1 and eqn 2 A = (x-2)(49/x - 1) ... eqn 3 now, for A to be max dA/dx = 0 differentiate eqn 3 and calc value of x ... then use eqn 1 to calc y...

Answer No.2

Will Iam

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(x+1+1)(x+1/2+1/2) x^2+3x+2

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54=l*b +2(l*.5)+2(b*1)+4(1*0.5)

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