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The function v(t) is the velocity inm/sec of a particle moving along the x-axis. Use analytical methodsto do each of the following: (a)determine when the particle ismoving right, left, and stopped (b)find the particle's displacementfor the given interval (c)find the total distance traveledby the particle problem: v(t)=5sin2tcost,0≤ t≤ 2Pi answers are: (a) Right :0 < t <Pi/2 U 3Pi/2 < t <2Pi Left:Pi/2 < t < Pi, Pi < t <3Pi/2 Stopped:t=0,Pi/2,Pi, 3Pi/2, 2Pi (b)0 (c)20/3 fyi: it is right when it's pos, leftwhen neg, and it stops when it=0


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