(a) Find A Number D Such That If /x-2/ < D, Then /

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(a) find a number d such that if /x-2/ < d, then /4x-8/ < e, where e= 0.1 (b) repeat par (a) with e=0.01 * The symbol // suppose to be absolute value. Thanks for helping!


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(a) |4x-8| <e ==> 4|x-2|< 0.1 =>|x-2| <(0.1)/4 =>|x-2|<0.025 so d =0.025 (b) |4x-8| <e ==> 4|x-2|< 0.01 =>|x-2| <(0.01)/4 =>|x-2|<0.0025 so d =0.0025

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